Ecological Technologies Ltd is committed to doing its part to help global warming and the world become a better place to live. Global temperatures continue to rise due to the loss of sea ice, intense heat waves cause drought, rising sea levels wreak havoc on the world we live in.

Ecological Technologies Limited will effectively be solving two problems with one strategy: by providing economically sustainable materials for use in emergency housing, tackling housing affordability issues surrounding displaced families and refugees, and taking steps toward the production of environmentally friendly building materials and, ultimately, creating a cleaner planet for all.

The Company will develop its plastic lumber and plastic timber materials, by collecting plastics and other assorted plastic waste. The additional recycling efforts will divert a large portion of waste from landfills, further benefitting the atmosphere and overall environment. The lumber industry owes its existence primarily to the discovery of a use for plastic scrap and post-consumer plastic waste. These modern products are now displacing conventional construction materials in some applications. Global demand for these plastic lumber products is increasing, owing to a growth in their potential building applications.

Ecological Technologies Limited Products - The Future of Housing

Ecological Technologies Limited’s product can be molded to meet almost any desired spatial condition, a major advantage over wood. Plastic lumber also works like wood, with the ability to be shaped, bent, drilled, and cut using conventional woodworking tools. Plastic lumber is not sensitive to staining from a variety of agents. A major selling point of this material is it doesn’t need to be painted and is overall low maintenance. It is manufactured in a variety of colors and is widely available in grays and earth tones. Overall, plastic lumber can be used for many of the following applications, replacing traditional wood altogether. Some of the uses include:

Deck floors



Landscaping timbers

Cladding and sliding

Park benches

Molding & trim

Window & door frames

Industrial cribbing

Indoor and outdoor garden furniture

Marine walls & piling