Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

Ecological Technologies Ltd, is committed to play its part in Global warming by working to restore forests and plant more trees around the world and creating carbon credits.

Going Green is the best solution for the world. The carbon credit market will shortly be bigger than the oil market.

Globally, around 50 giga tons of CO2e is emitted every year. The 2050 goal is to get 60% emission reduction target compared to 1990 carbon emission levels (22.4 giga tonnes1). This means the goal that 190 nations have signed up for and have committed to spending trillions of dollars on is to reduce global emissions by 35.8 giga tons by 2050.

There are 35.8 giga tons of CO2eq that need to be offset or removed. This is the immediate Total Addressable Market (TAM). Recent carbon prices in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) are trading anywhere in the $5–$15/t range on average, across all offset types. Just by this measure alone, the value of the market is $179 billion to $537 billion a year.

Creating a Sustainable Future: Carbon Credit Program

The state of Earth’s atmosphere is deteriorating rapidly. According to Bill Gates in his book released in 2021, the world adds an average of 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere each year. Ecological Technologies Ltd is working on a solution to create carbon credits and offsetting carbon emissions. Carbon credits represent verifiable, measurable reductions in emissions from certified climate action projects, such as protecting ecosystems, restoring forests, and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Organizations and individuals can offset their own emissions by purchasing carbon credits from verified projects, and these credits are then permanently retired and cannot be reused. As global temperatures continue to rise, resulting in loss of sea ice, extreme heat waves, droughts, and rising sea levels, millions of people will be pushed into poverty. The demand for carbon credits is increasing as companies compete for them, but Ecological Technologies Ltd will work to address this issue by restoring forests and planting more trees to create more carbon credits. Investing in green solutions is vital for the survival of our planet.

CO2 Emission Statistics

Steak 1kg

13.3 kilos of CO2

Car 15t/km

1800kg CO2

Short Flights

(Germany > Mallorca)
750 kg CO2 return

Long Flights

(USA > Asia)
3,650 kg CO2 return

Human Breathing

Approx. 1000-2000 kg CO2 per year

Online Shopping

In the industrialized countries, an average of 400 tons of CO2 are emitted daily for online shopping, which corresponds to about 255 car journeys from Northern Europe to Beijing China

All of Humanity

3 billion tons per year
Every year this number increases by 1/2 billion tons

Oxygen Production

1 tree absorbs 60kg per year.

20 years 120kg

Approximately 36 tons of CO2 are absorbed annually per hectare of a plantation with 600 trees

1 tree produces about 3 million liters of oxygen per year