Ecological Technologies Ltd’s plans to aid in the climate change crisis

Ecological Technologies Ltd is committed to doing its part to help global warming and the world become a better place to live. Global temperatures continue to rise due to the loss of sea ice, intense heat waves cause drought, rising sea levels wreak havoc on the world we live in.

Ecological Technologies Ltd intends to build a plastics recycling factory to recycle various plastics such as PVC, LDPE, HDPE, PET and PS. This will help reduce the production of new plastic. Recycling plastics will help reduce pollution in all ecosystems, decrease fossil fuel consumption and promote sustainable lifestyles. The recycled plastics are processed into granules and exported to China, where they are used to build prefab homes and container villages around the world to respond quickly to environmental and refugee disasters. Recycling also creates new economic opportunities. Ecological Technologies Ltd plans to expand collection systems (interceptors) at various locations to be used in rivers before the plastic waste disappears into the oceans. Depending on the conditions, a single interceptor can separate 50,000 kg to 100,000 kg of plastic waste per day from the rivers in an environmentally friendly and natural way.
Ecological Technologies Ltd plans to upgrade ships with floating net technology to collect plastic from the oceans to process the plastic waste into granules on the high seas.
An estimated $300 billion a year is needed to help countries deal with inevitable climate damage. All industrialized countries have committed to providing 100 billion US dollars annually in climate finance for developing countries between 2020 and 2025. The US President has provided 11 billion US dollars for international climate finance. The US government has called on Americans to invest in electric cars, solar panels and climate-friendly devices. The United States is providing $1.6 billion to the International Green Climate Fund in the next fiscal year to support developing countries’ climate and clean energy efforts.

Ecological Technologies Ltd is committed to playing an important role in future hydrogen research and development in reducing emissions. With the goal of energy storage and making smaller engines, hydrogen can be used for power generation and other industries.
The hydrogen engine can be very efficient for yachts and boats. The fuel is not only emission-free but also reliable. As soon as these engines are developed, they can also be used in aviation. Hydrogen research is complex, expensive and time consuming